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December 06,2007
A Celebration of 2007 Looking Forward to 2008

To all my family and friends local and abroad an update of how much artwork I have been doing this past year.... The year started off with teaching drawing to a few students one on one,now we are up to teaching six children. Watching them develop their talent learn new skills and add thier creativity is precious. Murals are the big wave starting with an 8'x7'Tumbler Ridge and dinosaur history theme. A large interior wall mural for Brady of Thomas the Tank Engine Island. Bruce requsted a 49''x36'' portrait of his mom and dad's 60th wedding anniversary. Roachelle celebrated her summer with two portrait landscapes of her family. Then,two firefighter portraits and one animated interior mural for the firehall.The biggest kicker was from Jason Shcembri,painting a dinosaur theme for the Co-op fuel tanks here in T.R. Plus, a half dozen small paintings and signage in between all of that. So much fun!!! The most exciting opportunity has materialized. Painting a mural for our Community Center here in Tumbler Ridge. Roughly 36'x 7" high. A landscape, recreational seasonal activity mural. I will leave out the details and look for the picture of the completed mural sometime this spring. For the late spring I will have ready and available professional prints of Kinuseo Falls.Your choice between a landscape scene with the falls or a straight on,jet boat view.The second set of prints will display a subtle summer sunset displaying our gorgeous colorful northern skies and trees beside town hall and our coal bucket icon.I will post on the blog page when the prints are available. A farewell to a satisfying year indeed and a prosperous 2008. May you draw closer to Jesus this New Year and He bless you with what your heart desires. Joan of Art

Posted by Joan Zimmer at 12:08
Lorrie Spinney said...
Dear Joan What a great page! I love seeing all your art gathered together in one place. It is your unique perspective on the world, shared with us all, to help us see it with a wider lens. -Lorrie Dec 31, 2007 10:28
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I have been busy with my new jobs. I do have a few pictures to post that have not been added yet. Keep looking, lol
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