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July 28,2007
Painting for the summer

Iam currently working on two landscape portraits for the month of July. They are being painted in oil. I am having so much fun painting for the summer, There is a great opportunity ahead for 2008 to travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to paint an oversized,huge mural of some heavy equipment. I would be so thrilled to paint a mural for this company and one of such immense size! My new communications manager who is also my pool boy would be joining me there as well. Fun, fun, fun! For the month of August I have dedicated one large painting for the grand opening of our new trail from Bearverlodge through Monkman Park, to Prince George. I have some beautiful landscape photographs donated by a generous family here in Tumbler Ridge who would love to show Tumbler off to the rest of the world. I will post the paintings on as soon as they are complete. Ta Ta for now... Joan

Posted by Joan Zimmer at 07:38
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I have been busy with my new jobs. I do have a few pictures to post that have not been added yet. Keep looking, lol
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