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November 12,2008
Artist of the Peace

With Christmas approaching, commisioned work is increasing and many other projects as well. I have been working with Tumbler Ridge Museum Society on several displays. There is one called, " Euphemia McNaught" dedicated to the late Ms.McNaught. She was an artist of the Peace who created landscape paintings from the early 1900's of the Peace River area.Her artwork style is alot like the Group of Seven and Emily Carr.She was an amazing woman who would backpack on horseback out to Kinuseo Falls with her family just to paint the beautiful scenery.She travelled and painted like this all over the Peace River and Tumbler Ridge area.It has been a joy to put together with the Museum a 16 panel display of her work. Praying for a joyful happy Christmas for everyone. Reach out to your loved ones, friends, and someone in need of TLC. Remember, don't shoot the wounded someday YOU might be one. Puppy Pals

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I have been busy with my new jobs. I do have a few pictures to post that have not been added yet. Keep looking, lol
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