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October 11,2008
Summer has passed!!

I have finished the murals which took me 7 months to complete. the Community Center notified me that they would not be putting it up yet as they are having the outside walls restructered.That is a good thing because once the mural is up it would be the best to have it stay up instead of taking it off and putting it on again. They are going to look grand! Thank-you Vlas for always looking out for Joan of Art and creating business for me, your awesome. Christmas is approaching with some portraits to paint. I will be working on putting up some displays for the museum in November and December.I will be travelling to Vancouver to visit Granville Island to be educated and inspired at the end of the month. Hope to post the finished murals in a few weeks.

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I have been busy with my new jobs. I do have a few pictures to post that have not been added yet. Keep looking, lol
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