Dinosaur & Coal Tumbler Ridge, B.C.
Dinosaur & Coal Tumbler Ridge, B.C.
6.5 by 8 ft.
Acrylic on Board

Copyright © 2007 Joan Zimmer    Zoom Image

Year Created:2007
Description:The dinosaur and coal theme for this mural represents the history of Tumbler Ridge, B.C. Tumbler is a new mining community of 25 years in 2006.The ghost images represents their awesome presence here a few thousand years ago along with their fossilized tracks. The great dinosaur equipment displays the magnitude of the amount of work it takes to excavate the coal for the mines in our present day.
Artist's Comments: The awesome P& H shovel is one of the pieces of equipment our mines use to extract the coal from the mountains in the Tumbler Ridge area. Thank-you to P&H mining in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for providing the excellent photo reference for this piece of artwork. The mountain in the background is a beautiful hiking destination for the experienced hiker. The photo was generously provided by Kevin & Birgit Sharman.
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